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When Filing an Insurance Claim in Arvada, Make Sure to Hire a Public Adjuster

Jul 8

It can be tough to work with someone whose priorities don’t match yours. If you live in Arvada and have had a disagreement with your insurance adjuster, you may want to get help from a trusted legal professional who understands how the industry functions.

Public adjusters represent people who have been impacted by a disaster. They are not contractually obligated to serve any one insurance company. Their only motivation is to protect the interests of their client: You.

What does a public insurance adjuster do?

Public adjusters investigate insurance claims to ensure you receive fair compensation. They also check for damages that may have been missed or explore whether you'll need representation from a lawyer.

A public adjuster is in a unique situation when it comes to negotiating with insurance companies. They know both law and risk management and can be of use to both you and your contractor. When it comes to homeowners insurance, you will have to choose between a public adjuster or a private. A public adjuster generally has more time on their hands and is less busy because they deal with fewer cases than a private adjuster.

How are Public Insurance Adjusters Compensated?

Public adjusters are paid a contractual fee, calculated as a percentage of the settlement amount. It is in their best interest to keep you happy because it means they will make more money if you are successful in your claim with your insurance company.

The size of the contingency fee is dependent on various factors, including case type and location. In Arvada, the cost will vary depending on the policy amount. It is important to remember that the insurance adjuster will only get paid if you make money off your claim.

Some public adjusters can offer their clients the option to receive contingency protection as part of their services. The insurance company will deliver the full offer of compensation if you have this kind of protection plan.

Does one need an Arvada-based license to work as an insurance adjuster?

In order to work as an Arvada public adjuster, a person must be licensed by the state of Colorado. To know if an insurance claims public adjuster is licensed to practice in a certain city, you can check their license status on the Insurance Commissioner’s website at

Some public adjusters work for a firm. Adjusters working for a firm can work under either their own license or a general public adjuster's license. The company they are affiliated with will let you know which one applies to them. If you work with a public adjuster who is affiliated with a public adjusting company, that person will be able to use the resources of their firm and provide you with additional services.

Should I Hire an Adjuster with Experience Working in Arvada?

An insurance adjuster with experience in Arvada will help you understand any obscure laws or codes that come up.

There are various types of insurance policies that may seem unrelated at first but require different inspection techniques from an experienced adjuster. A qualified public adjuster in Arvada and the surrounding area will know the type of investigation that is best for your situation.

An experienced public adjuster will help you avoid mistakes made by public adjusters who are less familiar with your situation. For example, even public adjusters commonly fail to take into account certain damages or things that might affect the amount of compensation you receive.

How do you decide whether a public adjustment firm or an individual adjuster is better for your needs?

Consulting with a public adjuster can be useful in some situations, but it does not come without drawbacks. A single public adjuster may lack the time and inclination to conduct all of the research that is necessary in your case, but a team comprised of many members will have more resources at its disposal.

Public adjusting doesn't always work by itself. When your job requires other public adjusters, you need to rely on these professionals in order to access resources that are a part of the team. Aside from compensation, some firms offer benefits in exchange for choosing their services. These usually come in the form of second opinions on claims or discounted services.

Individuals who are insurance adjusters often do not have the same resources as those employed by large companies, but they can provide one-on-one personal advice which is unavailable from their larger counterparts.

Can I Still Communicate with My Arvada Insurance Company After Hiring a Public Adjuster?

It's possible to contact your insurance company after hiring a public adjuster. When you request a detailed statement of what the insurance company thinks your case should be compensated for, they cannot begin working on it until then.

If there is a disagreement on how much you should be compensated for your claim, you may need to negotiate with your insurance company. If you've had a property damaged by an accident and you were injured, for example, your Arvada public adjuster can help you find out what to do in order to receive the compensation that is rightfully yours.

Will my Public Adjuster Let Me Know if I Need to Take Legal Action?

If your Arvada Public Adjuster is unable to negotiate a reasonable settlement, they will advise you to see an attorney.

Public adjusters who work on a contingency basis are required by law to provide accurate advice about the insurance claim once hired. They may not charge more than a fixed percentage of the recovery.

In Conclusion: Hiring a Public Insurance Adjuster in Arvada

If you want to know what a public adjuster can do for your claim, the short answer is that they will be able to negotiate with your insurer in order to get more money. Sometimes a public adjuster might be able to offer you discounted services or provide you with a second opinion that differs from their own.

If legal action becomes necessary, an individual adjuster may not have the knowledge of law firms and resources to deal with it. This is why we recommend that you reach out to a public adjustment firm such as Public Insurance Adjusters of Colorado.


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