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Resin Driveways

Jul 8

Resin Driveways are basically comprised of a series of parallel rows of interlocking resin bricks that are held together by plastic, metal or both. Resin is a material that provides several advantages for use in paved areas including: low maintenance costs, durable, slip-resistant, and cost-effective. It has the ability to provide resistance to oil and grease, chemicals, and alkalis, as well as sunlight and water.

Description resin-bound concrete is a combination of polyester resin and aggregate stones used to pave driveways, walkways, and more. It's a type of slip-resistant paved product. This product can withstand changes in temperature, sun, chemicals, and rain for prolonged periods of time. Because it's made of a highly durable composite of materials, it's an excellent choice for concrete surfaces in high-traffic commercial and industrial applications.

The resin paving and stone finishes used with these types of products are very durable, which means that the surfaces can handle the weight and impact of heavy machinery without any damage. Because it's made up of polyester-based aggregates, the resins are highly resistant to ozone and UV rays, which are beneficial for outdoor settings. They can also resist oil and grease, which are common contaminants that can harden in the oils on concrete surfaces over time. Because it's composed of a highly durable aggregate mix, it can resist stains and have a natural resistance to chipping and breaking.