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How To Choose An Asphalt Paving Contractor

Sep 19

The majority of property owners are investing in asphalt paving in Lower Paxton Township, PA because of its fast installation, strength, and also simplicity. No surprise that asphalt is known to be the most cost-effective and appealing choice of pavement now.

However, remember that numerous factors can affect the results of the paving project in Lower Paxton Township. When selecting the right paving company, choosing the lowest bid is not always the best decision.

Here are the things you need to consider to make an informed decision.

Years of experience

Leaning on the experience and knowledge of a professional asphalt paving company Harrisburg will help you make better decisions for your home or business. Those who can communicate in an informed manner while delivering good samples of challenging paving projects are likely the best service providers for your paving project.

Material selection

Bear in mind that asphalt is not created equal. Because of the repeated recycling, asphalt comes with different grades that have a different portion of the recycled material they comprise. Poor quality asphalt paving Harrisburg will affect the look and longevity of your pavement. Ensure that the paving company you choose only uses high-grade asphalt materials as they contain less recycled materials.

Paving equipment

Check out the kind of equipment that your prospective paving company uses. If the paving contractor Harrisburg uses equipment that always breaks down, the completion of the project will be delayed. Bear in mind that asphalt cools fast and waiting long for the asphalt to be installed will affect the looks of the paved area.

Furthermore, ignore hiring paving company Harrisburg saying they will perform asphalt paving by hand. The utilization of paving equipment is expensive due to the efficiency and technology behind them. Therefore, don’t believe in companies that promise that you can get similar efficiency and quality if the paving equipment even if they pave by hand. An effective asphalt paving company uses modern paving machines to make sure they make a long-lasting and beautiful-looking asphalt pavement.


Sufficient team

Find out if the parking lot paving contractor Harrisburg has a sizable crew. Typically, an effective asphalt paving team will comprise up to eight employees. Being understood will delay and affect the end results of the paving project. You also need to consider the working experience of the team. They need to work as a highly trained crew to guarantee the best outcome.

Scope of the project

Some scope of work paperwork might be unclear. If you are receiving bids from various paving companies, a clear scope of work paperwork will make it easy for you to compare different bids from each company. Select an accurate and detailed scope of work that meets your requirements as this will lay the foundation for a durable and effective parking lot paving company Harrisburg project.

Insurance cover

If a paving company Harrisburg offers you a lower rate, this might mean that they are not insured. Therefore, if an accident happens, your homeowner’s insurance coverage will be utilized. Asking beforehand if the paving company is insured will assist you to avoid the hidden charges.


A reliable paving company Harrisburg will always stand by its work. Furthermore, they make client satisfaction their top priority. A project guarantee will make sure that the work is completed to industry standards.

Guarantees might vary based on the project circumstances. So, ensure you have all details in writing before the paving project commences. Asphalt installation professionals might also offer guidance to prolong the life of the newly installed paved surface.

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