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Can an Asphalt Driveway be Installed in Winter?

Jul 8

As an asphalt paving company, we are frequently asked when is the best time to pave an asphalt driveway or parking lot by customers. In general, paving projects should be postponed until after the winter has passed.


We can, however, pave in the winter if the weather is dry and the ground isn't frozen. In other words, cold weather asphalt paving can be done in the late fall or during mild winters.


When’s the best time to pave asphalt?

When the snow melts in the spring, we recommend paving asphalt. You'll have a better chance of being able to schedule your paving project when the ground has thawed and the weather is dry this way. Nobody enjoys dealing with unexpected delays in the installation of new asphalt.


It's also important to remember that the same strategies that work when paving in July won't necessarily work when the first snowfall arrives. The ability to properly compact hot mix asphalt is influenced by temperature, which has an impact on its lifespan. If you still want to pave in the cold, make sure to follow the guidelines below.


Don’t Pave on Frozen Ground

When the ground is frozen, do not allow asphalt paving contractors to lay down asphalt. Otherwise, the asphalt will degrade into a low-quality mixture that will degrade quickly. Even if the asphalt mixture is kept at high temperatures, if it is poured on cold ground, it will freeze and stiffen. When snow melts, asphalt poured on frozen ground will result in a lot of potholes and cracks. While we can't pave on frozen ground, freezing air temperatures have no effect on asphalt quality.


Wait for Dry Weather Conditions

When paving asphalt, the weather conditions must be dry. It can't be raining or snowing because of this. The ground must also be completely dry, which precludes the application of asphalt right after it has rained or snowed. When paving in the rain or snow, the quality of asphalt is compromised, just as it is when paving on frozen ground. This is because the ability of hot mix asphalt to flow and be compacted is affected by temperature. The lifespan of your newly paved surface is influenced by proper asphalt compaction.


Work Quickly

Because the weather in Michigan can change so quickly, asphalt contractors must work quickly and efficiently. Asphalt paving in the winter presents its own set of challenges, necessitating the use of contractors with prior cold weather paving experience. Before the weather changes, contractors will need to be able to get their crew and equipment to the job site as soon as possible.


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