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Nan Tien Temple

Oct 15

About Nan Tien Temple

Nestled in the picturesque southern outskirts of Wollongong, Australia, lies the grand Nan Tien Temple complex - a true testament to the exquisite beauty of Buddhist architecture. This magnificent temple is just one of many branches of the world-renowned Fo Guang Shan Buddhist order, founded in 1967 by the revered Hsing Yun. Spanning a vast expanse of serene landscape, the temple complex is a breathtaking sight to behold, with immaculate gardens, serene lotus ponds, and various temple buildings of varying sizes, each housing its distinctive collection of ancient Buddhist artefacts. Nan Tien Temple is indeed a beacon of spiritual enlightenment, welcoming visitors from across the world to experience its peaceful ambience and to learn more about Buddhism and its timeless teachings.

The Fo Guang Shan temple in Australia is a stunning example of Buddhist architecture, constructed under the auspices of the Mahayana Buddhist organisation of the same name. Completed in 1995, the temple site was carefully chosen for its proximity to Mount Kembla, which is said to resemble a recumbent lion - an auspicious sign in Buddhist symbolism. Overlooking both Mount Keira and Mount Kembla, the temple is situated on land donated by Frank Arkell and has a 100-year lease on the hill behind to preserve the serene surroundings. Interestingly, the temple pays only one dollar a year in rent to maintain the lease. It's undoubtedly an awe-inspiring structure and a must-visit destination for anyone interested in Buddhism or the beauty of unique architecture.

Nan Tien Temple

What to do at Nan Tien Temple

No matter your background, there is something special about stepping onto the grounds of the largest Buddhist Temple in the Southern Hemisphere. You’re immediately greeted with a peaceful aura inviting you to soak up the tranquillity. It’s a place where all ages, cultures, and religions are invited to share in its beauty. You might find that the feeling of calm and belonging grows stronger as you explore the temple. And if you’re looking to take the next step in your spiritual journey, the Nan Tien Talk Series is an extraordinary opportunity. With each upcoming talk, you’ll learn how to create positive and inspiring change in your life while gaining courage and resilience. Don’t miss out on this incredible chance to grow and thrive in the embrace of the Nan Tien Temple.

Nan Tien Temple's meditation classes and retreats offer an opportunity to shift from negative thought patterns and become more settled, calm and focused. By reconnecting with our true selves, we can improve our interpersonal relationships and cultivate a stronger sense of inner peace. And if you're a food lover, you're in luck: Nan Tien's vegetarian cuisine is simply incredible. Whether you're partial to Asian-inspired noodles, curries, dumplings or spring rolls, every dish has nutrition and flavour. Come for the meditation, stay for the food – you won't be disappointed.

Nan Tien Temple

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