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Stuart Park

Oct 12

About Stuart Park

Stuart Park is a destination spot for many travellers and locals alike in the breathtaking town of Wollongong. The park offers stunning, picturesque views that will take your breath away. Not to mention, Stuart Park is now home to some of the most durable and practical shelters on the market. These shelters have a unique bracketing system that guarantees absolute rigidity and maximum wind resistance. The 4.0m Tilba Shelter is a Precinct classic, a cluster of 3 shelters providing all-weather shade for picnic settings and barbeque. The Tilba Shelters truly add an incredible amenity and atmosphere to the massive new regional playground in Stuart Park. With the addition of these shelters, visitors to the park can enjoy all the beauty the park has to offer with no worries about weather conditions.

Stuart Park is the ultimate playground for anyone seeking an adventurous day out. This regional favourite is located just a stone's throw from the North Beach and City Centre, making it the perfect place for locals and tourists alike. The 8.6m Sky Tower is the main attraction, complete with three giant tube slides for an exhilarating experience. Don't forget about the two flying foxes, swings, cubby house, and sound bells- the fun never stops! Stuart Park is also an excellent spot to bring your bike, skateboard, or scooter to explore all the pathways around the play equipment. Come out and play at Stuart Park for a day full of excitement and laughter!

Stuart Park

What to do at Stuart Park

Stuart Park is the perfect venue for a variety of events and gatherings that are sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests. With the ability to host concerts, music festivals, and other large-scale events, the park has all the necessary amenities needed to make any event a success. But it's not just about the big events - smaller gatherings and fundraising events are also welcome at Stuart Park. Whether you're planning a community fundraiser or just a casual family gathering, the park offers a stunning backdrop for your event and plenty of space to accommodate any crowd.

If you're looking for an adrenaline rush, look no further than the 8.6-metre-high SkyTower, complete with three giant slides spouting off it. This towering structure is one of the largest of its kind in the country, beckoning thrill-seekers to take the plunge. But that's not all--there are also two flying foxes for zipping through the air, a double gyro for spinning and bouncing, and even a learn-to-ride cycle track complete with road signs. And for those who just want to relax and enjoy the outdoors, there are plenty of shaded picnic areas and barbeque facilities. So why not make a day of it at this exciting hub of fun and adventure?

Stuart Park

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