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Mar 25

Six Things You Should Do If Your Air Conditioner Doesn't Turn On

1. The Basics

If it's hot and your air conditioner isn't turning on in the summer, you might be concerned about your comfort. You may overlook some basic causes of the problem.

To determine if there is an electrical problem, check the circuit breaker. Also, make sure that everything is properly plugged in. Sometimes, an AC won't start because of a loose plug.

Your thermostat should also be checked. Sometimes, people mistakenly think that their air conditioner is not functioning properly. However, the problem is in the thermostat. Your thermostat should be connected to a power source and in cool mode. These are simple tips that may seem obvious, but they can be overlooked if your AC doesn't turn on.

2. Know your AC Unit

It is essential to be familiar with every feature of your HVAC system for certain reasons. Effective AC maintenance will be easier if you are more familiar with the system. This is crucial to ensure your HVAC system lasts as long as possible. Effective maintenance can also help to keep your HVAC system running efficiently and protect you from high utility bills.

You should also be familiar with all the features of your AC system. This can help you if your conditioner isn't working properly. Many homeowners don't know that AC systems have simple on/off switches. While they might believe their ACs aren’t working, it is possible that the switch was accidentally set to the off position.

Check to see if your AC has one. This switch should be checked if the AC isn't turning on.

3. Make sure you check your filter

It is an easy, but crucial maintenance task to replace your AC filters regularly. Your HVAC system's filters are crucial in preventing dirt and dust from entering the components and causing damage. If you don't change them regularly, they will become clogged.

This can cause your AC to use more energy in order to cool your home, which could lead to higher utility bills. It can also lead to your AC not working completely if you don't fix it.

If none of the issues mentioned above seem to be the cause, you can check the filter to determine if it should be replaced. Your AC system's lifespan will be extended if you replace your filters before they become clogged. Your AC system will experience significant wear and tear if it is forced to use too much energy to cool your home. This can lead to the AC's permanent demise sooner than if it was maintained by changing its filters regularly. This is not something to be concerned about if you change your filters regularly.

4. Make sure you check your Evaporator Coils

Another important task is to keep your evaporator coils clean. To learn the best way to maintain your AC, consult an AC repair company. They will help you understand how to maintain them as cleanly as possible.

Cleaning your evaporator coils regularly will help reduce the chances of your AC not working. If your AC doesn't turn on, check them. If they are dirty, it is likely that you have a problem.

5. Make sure you check the Drain Pan

Ask AC repair professionals to show you how to inspect your AC's drain pan. The drain pan is located usually below your AC unit's indoor section.

Sometimes, it can become full. It can cause a float switch to activate, which will prevent your AC from turning off. You can consult your trusted AC repair and maintenance experts to learn what you can do to minimize the chance of this happening.

6. Learn to do a Capacitor Test

You can add "learning how to conduct capacitor testing" to your list to ask AC repair professionals about the next time you have an inspection or Marietta AC repair.

This is especially important if your AC makes strange or unusual noises. This could be an indication that your motor is failing. You can test the capacitor to determine if this is true. If your AC is making unusual sounds, schedule an AC repair appointment as soon as possible. AC problems almost always cause unusual or unrelated noises.


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