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Nov 30

When is the best time to have your driveway repaired?


Signs that your asphalt is in need of repair


You may have noticed that your driveway has become more worn over the years. It can be difficult to determine if the driveway you see is just normal wear and tear, or something more serious. We specialize in driveway repair Chesapeake VA. We can inspect your driveway and provide advice on the best next steps. Below are four signs that your driveway might need to be repaired or replaced.


  • Potholes


Potholes can form on driveways or other surfaces when water beneath asphalt freezes and then thaws. When water freezes, the ground expands and contracts. Potholes can result from the ground's repeated expansion and contraction due to temperature fluctuations. Potholes can also cause suspension problems for your car. Although potholes can be repaired, they will not solve the root problem. Your driveway may need to replace.


  • Cracks that can be quite large


Cracks in driveways can cause more damage than an eyesore. Cracks in driveways can allow oil, gas, or salt to leak through the cracks. This can cause fissures to expand and become deeper. You should schedule driveway repairs if you notice small cracks in your driveway. This will prevent cracking or worsening the existing fissures.

Drainage issues


If water is accumulating on your driveway and it is not draining properly, this could be a sign that it is time to have it repaired or replaced. Asphalt can deteriorate if the water sits or pools on one side of the driveway. This can cause cracks and potholes.


  • Fading and discoloration


Over time, the sun can fade and darken driveways. Your driveway's surface may be damaged by the sun's strong rays. It may be possible to seal your driveway to prevent further damage depending on how old it is and how damaged it is. If your driveway has become too weak, it is probably better to replace it.


  • Weather conditions

Asphalt should be mended when it is sufficiently hot to melt at 175 degrees. Otherwise, it will be difficult to spread and apply. Asphalt will not form a solid bond below this temperature.


It is best to have it repaired during the spring and summer.


Let's take a look at the best seasons to repair asphalt driveways and parking lots.


  • Repairs are possible because of the perfect weather


As stated previously, asphalt repairs are best left until the weather permits the asphalt to remain at 175°F. Asphalt will mix easily and form a stronger bond which will ensure its durability over time. Sealcoating is best when the surface temperature is above 40 degrees. This is best done in the spring.


  • Materials availability


Asphalt plants usually close down or work at a reduced level during winter. It is not the best time to use their products and services. This means that you will have difficulty finding materials and, even if they do turn up, it will cost you more than if you buy them in the peak season (spring and summer).


There are many reasons you may need specialists to replace or repair your driveway. We have a great team of experts who are highly skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to driveway replacement and repair. We would be happy to provide a consultation to help determine the best way to ensure a long-lasting and safe driveway.


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