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Dropped Kerb Installation Nuneaton

Nov 27

Kerb Dropping and Vehicle Crossover Specialists

Do you need a dropped kerb for your property? A kerb must be dropped if you are going to drive onto your land from the pavement. You must be able for your vehicle to cross the driveway from a commercial area or residential neighbourhood in order to access a highway.

Kerb dropping permits vehicles to cross asphalt from the road to a driveway. If you want to drive onto your property, this is a legal requirement.

Parking outside your home can be stressful. It is possible that you will need to pay a permit fees. You may have difficulty finding a parking spot in some urban areas. If you plan to drive onto your property via pavement, a dropped slab is necessary. If you have questions check out our website Q and A's.

A commercial driveway or residential driveway must allow access to the highway. It allows vehicles from a driveway to cross pavements. It is required to have one in order to drive on your land.

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Local Kerb Dropping Contractors

A kerb drop is a great way to improve your access to your property and to prevent people from parking on your driveway. It is required that you have a crossover permit if your vehicle will be driven over the footway from a highway to your driveway.

You can't drive on the footway if this is not done. Doing so could lead to you being charged with violating the law.

It may be necessary that the pavement in front is strengthened. It may be necessary to move street furniture, such as lampposts and manhole covers.

If you aren't sure if permission is required, please contact your local authority. Contact your local council to find out if you require planning permission. The cost of applying will depend on where you live.

Once permission has been granted, you will need to find a local specialist who can do the work.

Nuneaton Vehicle Crossover Experts

This is not a DIY project. The council has strict requirements about service providers. Some may restrict you to only using approved contractors. Some allow you to use your own contractors, provided they comply with the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 requirements. There may be an additional charge for highway assessment by council.

You can make your life easier by hiring a drop kerb contractor registered with the local authority. They will file all the necessary applications on your behalf. They can usually speed up the process, due to their proven track record with the council.

Our drop-kerb installation and application for planning permission is something we have experence with here and in other cities. We will visit you to measure your property, check for public utilities and determine if it is on a main street. We may also need to consider other aspects that could be relevant for planning permission.

We are an approved local authority contractor and can work with your county to install a drop kerb in compliance with all regulations.

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