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Resurfacing Concrete Is A Great Restoration Option For Your Driveway

Nov 15

Concrete resurfacing is a way of restoring concrete pieces when they become cracked or stained. This process tends to happens over years, and sanding down the concrete will help make the site look much more appealing.

There is also a polishing of the concrete surface, which still restores the appearance of concrete, but also adds an attractive decorative effect to your roperty. Applying polish can include color and design, which can be very complex. Some renovation projects are works of art and look very beautiful. You can resurface pool decks, driveways, sidewalks, and indoor and outdoor floors.

Concrete resurfacing prices and rates vary depending on what type of project you want and how much concrete you need restored. Usually, however, it starts at around $4 per square foot and can go up to over $20 dollars per square foot.

This is typically a job that you have to hire a professional concrete contractor for. Unless you have much experience repairing concrete, we suggest calling on the help of a professional concrete polishing company.

The first thing to do when sanding concrete is to clean the area completely. This is generally accomplished with a good pressure washer to remove accumulated dirt, muck, and debris.

This is then followed by a few steps to repair any cracks, blemishes or damge found in the concrete. Concrete cracks are first primed and then filled up with crack repair materials. They are then reinforced with fabric and then a base coat is applied over the top of the fabric. Polymer concrete is subsequently coated to the surface above the crack and ground down as it dries to a smooth, flat finish. Once the cracks have been repaired, all of the holes in the concrete are filled and touched up with epoxy grout.

With the concrete now completely repaired, it's time to start the resurfacing phase of the concrete project.

The base coat and granular coat will be applied now that all cracks and holes are sealed for good. Then a textured layer is added.

First, the layer must be mix it according to the exact specifications of the package. The mixture is then sprayed onto the surface using a special spray gun that can be bought at most hardware stores. When finished, the surface should be troweled to ensure a flat surface. It is best to work from the top and then go down to smootht the area.

To finish things off, colorful coating is applied and adds the desired color to your area. There are many color options and patterns to choose from Finally, Sealant is then used to complete the project.

When all is said and done, you will be left with a concrete driveway, sidewalk, pool deck, or garage floor that looks better than new, plus it will add a level of flair and sophistication to your residential or commercial property. Thanks to this enhanced look and affordable pricing, resurfacing a great option over completely tearing out and puttind down new concrete.