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Why Consider Non-Slip Epoxy For Your Pool Deck

Nov 14

Non-slip epoxy flooring is perfect when a homeowner is looking to upgrade their garage floor. Think about it: it’s  easy to clean while still protecting people from slipping on moisture from rain or sleet brought in by car. tires. Industrial kitchens and restaurants are some other places to find epoxy flooring, as rushing to distribute food to customers often results in spills and leaks that can lead to serious injury without the non-slip epoxy flooring.

Another common place where non-slip epoxy flooring is popular is located outdoors. Pool decks are a great place to apply custom epoxy in Oregon and throughout the USA. It’s simple to see why. Look below at the three important reasons why you should choose an epoxy pool deck for your property.

No slips

The clear reason is also most important. You don’t have to be told that pool decks become wet and slick when people splash or bring water with them when they leave the pool. This poses a safety risk as sliding by a swimming pool means not only landing on rock hard concrete, but also dealing with the dangers of falling into the pool after a possible head injury.

This is where the non-slip epoxy flooring helps. Instead of standard smooth concrete, a professional epoxy flooring contractor can apply three to five coats of protection to keep your pool deck looking amazing and deliver slip resistance that typical pool decks don't.

Can you run around on those non-slip epoxy flooring around your pool? Not really. The old adage "don't run by the pool" still applies, but the non-slip surface of the pool deck will help eliminate many of the potentially fatal slips and falls in the pool.

Looks great

Swimming pools provide great workouts and are also great fun for your family, friends and neighbors. Because they make up a big part of your backyard garden, you want the pool and its surroundings to look as beautiful as possible. Microchip epoxy flooring offers a variety of color options to match your pool and house. Your pool now has a whimsical and arbitrary look that cannot be achieved with regular or even stamped concrete. The flakes are coated with two coats of UV resistant polyaspartic varnish to keep your pool deck looking great for many years to follow.

Feels great

There's a good reason that most folks walk on concrete with their shoes on: Concrete can be painful on bare feet. Even though we were born barefoot, we should walk barefoot on softer surfaces rather than on something so hard. Concrete surfaces can also be abrasive on the bottoms of your feet, making them feel ridgie after walking on it for a long time.

But we don't wear shoes for swimming, which means softening the concrete is an ideal option. Most pool deck covers are light on the feet, giving them a smooth - but non-slip - surface while protecting the feet from the painful, untreated concrete surface.

Whether you are installing a new pool or renovating an older one, epoxy offers beautiful and functional surfaces. You may be able to do the project on your own, or you can also hire a professional to do the work. We like 5-Star Epoxy to do the job!

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