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Why You Should Resurface Outdated Concrete

Nov 13

Renovating old concrete is one way to restore it to look like new. When resurfacing is done, a concrete coating is applied to the existing surface which offers a variety of color, texture and pattern options. This type of decorative finish can be done on walkways, patios, pool edges, and even inside floors.

Most people think that outdated concrete that is cracking and crumbling must be pulled up and replaced to improve its appearance. But there are numerous repair options that will save you money, save resources, and help you avoid disposal costs and issues.

Benefits of resurfacing old concrete

The many advantages of restoring concrete at your property include:

  • Repair the cracks
  • Treatment of discoloration
  • Hide superficial defects
  • Update outdated elements
  • Cover the unsightly concrete

Completely renovating the concrete with a coating is one way to improve the look, and you can choose from a wide range of colors and attractive pattern options. If your concrete is in decent condition but just needs a small facelift, you may also stain, stencil, or engrave it to enhance its look.

You may be able to do this work on your own as a home improvement project. However, this type of task is fairly advanced and requires particular techniques, equipment and expertise. You may consider hiring a company like Precision Resurfacing for your Portland concrete resurfacing needs.

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Looks that can be achieved

Coating and polishing the concrete can create any look you want. Here are a few options that are popular right now:

  • Perforated concrete supports
  • Cladding in river stone or pebbles
  • Cool deck surfaces
  • Epoxy coatings with paint flakes or metallic pigments (for garage floors)
  • Spray on structured coatings
  • Applications with broom finish
  • Paint applied entirely or locally
  • Stencil or hand carved designs and patterns

An in depth look at resurfacing options

Not sure what type of resurfacing you want for your concrete. Consider the following:

Stamped concrete - Do you want concrete that looks like real stone or wood floors? Concrete surface coating is for you. This is a cost-effective method that mimics the look of brick, parquet, limestone, and more. You can transform your patio or pool into a beautiful, more relaxing space, much better than you can imagine.

Epoxy floor - A boring garage floor can be changed into what looks like it came out of a magazine featuring an expensive home. Epoxy is a two-component coating that avoids most damage, is seamless and quite easy to clean and maintain.

Polyaspartic Polyurea Coating - This is much like epoxy. Its two-component material is best for use on high-traffic concrete ares. It hardens within a few hours, making it an ideal option for commercial floors that cannot be closed and off-limits for a long periods of time.

Colored concrete - The color possibilities for concrete are almost endless. Another popular alternative to a wood floor look, this one can be stunning on its own and even more so with whatever pattern you choose. Colors can mixed to match your concrete with its surroundings.

Spray Texture - This acrylic coating is popular for renovating concrete for swimming pool decks, walkways, patios and other outdoor surfaces thanks to its non-slip finish and cool surface. It can be printed with a pattern or striped for a custom design.
Whatever kind concrete surface you want for upgrade or repair, make sure you get help from a professional contractor if you dont know what you're doing. Most offer phenomenal work with high quality decorative concrete remodeling products.

These coatings can be expensive depending on your wishes, but they are more cost effective than getting new concrete. We suggest you get several quotes and check around at rates in your area.