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Asphalt Top Services in Rock Hill, SC

Nov 1

Asphalt is used for various purposes, and we offer the highest quality asphalt service in Rock Hill, SC. Asphalt can be found on roads, playgrounds, parking lots, and more! Our team has years of experience with all types of asphalt services. Whether it's installation or maintenance work that needs to be done, our company Rock Hill is here to help. We have been serving the community for many years and are committed to providing excellent customer service every time!

What is asphalt topping?     

Asphalt paving Rock Hill is the process of covering your existing asphalt pavement with new high-quality graded hot mix asphalt. This sort of paving work improves compaction and stability, which means it outlasts other forms of driveways and roads. It also adds thickness to the current layers for enhanced protection against cracks and deterioration caused by weather exposure.

How does it work?

Before they start laying down hot mix asphalt, professional paving company Rock Hill removes any vegetation and debris. Next, we utilize a large-capacity roller machine with cold-applied bonding chemicals (an emulsion) that stick the fresh pavement in place while it cools into a hard shell. After this procedure is completed, we'll add the final touches by patching tiny holes and leveling out uneven surfaces through seaming or milling operations. The result is a stunning black road that's ready for vehicle movement!

What Asphalt contractors often in Rock Hill

Asphalt contractors in Rock Hill, SC, often recommend this method for small driveways and parking lots that do not need a new asphalt overlay after being repaired due to fatigue damage. Paving with asphalt top treatments makes these areas more durable by adding another layer over existing pavement without making any major changes or repairs on them, which would require full excavation.

Why should you consider asphalt topping your roof?

Asphalt paving Rock Hill is a great product for topping your roof as it’s inexpensive and durable. The asphalt topcoat will give you multiple benefits, including Protecting the roof from water damage, Adding extra insulation to the attic spaces, Reducing energy costs by keeping the heat in during wintertime and cool air during summertime. For more information on how we can help, contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you! To learn more about our other services, visit our website or call us today at any time.

How to find an experienced paving contractor Rock Hill

The first step in Rock Hill, South Carolina, to locating an expert asphalt contractor is to ask people you know for recommendations. Word of mouth will be the most effective method to discover a good service provider, as it can also save time and money on your project. You should talk with friends, family members, or coworkers who have just had paving done on their homes to obtain their opinions. It's a good idea to talk about your expectations with others who may be able to meet them. It's also helpful if the one who informed you had similar requirements (e.g., sealing driveways) so there are no disputes later on when issues occur.

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